Buy a license

You can purchase your Kirby license at or use this affiliate link.

A Kirby license is valid for a single domain. You can find Kirby's license agreement here:


Web server

  • Any of the following:
  • Apache 2
  • Nginx
  • LiteSpeed
  • Caddy


  • PHP 7.1+
  • mbstring extension
  • curl extension
  • ctype extension
  • gdlib extension


  1. Unzip the zip file in the web root of your web server (or copy all unzipped files into the web root in case the archive unzipped itself).
  2. Visit and download the latest version of Kirby 3.
  3. Copy the kirby folder innto the web root of your web server.
  4. Kirby's control panel (aka. the Panel) comes without any pre-installed accounts. Open in the browser to start the installer and create the first account.
  5. If you need any help check out the official docs.

Please check if the invisible .htaccess file has been copied to your server correctly

The Panel

Access Kirby's admin interface at

For security reasons, you cannot install the Panel on a public server by default. To allow this, you can enable the panel.install option:

Site Settings

  • Logo & Favicon - Upload all your Logo files to the site and select your logo - favicon - apple touch icon files.
  • Navbar Layout - Choose between two different navbar layouts.
  • Colors - Select your favorite primary color for your website.
  • Social media - By adding your social media channels to the site

Blog Settings

  • Categories - Add or edit all site-wide categories. After categories have been added you can select those from a dropdown box while creating a new blog post.
  • Per page - Decide how many articles are displayed per page.
  • Sidebar - Choose to enable or disable the sidebar or even further to decide which modules you want to display.


Under this tab enter all site-wide META informations. These will be used as a fallback when no data exists on a standart page.


All images have the option to enter additional data such as captions or alt text. You can do that by clicking on each image.


The theme comes with a bunch of labels. When navigating to the Label tab inside the panel you can change up every single one.

Contact Form

If you want to use an smtp server just add the email settings to your site/config/config.php by following the docs here.


  • Bulma - The theme is build on the framework.
  • Icons - The theme uses the icon library ionicons
  • Lightbox - The theme uses a lightbox for displaying blog images fullscreen. Find it here.
  • Images - All images used in this theme can be found on the platform.
  • Tocbot - The themes uses a vanilla js script for creating a table of content. Tocbot
  • Slider - For the frontpage the themes uses the slick slider. Find it here.

Plugins used

Visit the forum to connect with the Kirby community.